Return - Cancellation - Exchange

When you receive the product, in case of return or exchange, do not remove the protective equipment on the product and do not tear the package. Please send the product you want to return or exchange because of your dislike, together with all the package contents and the invoice with the return section filled, to our address written by the courier company. Before sending the product, you can contact us with:
Customer Service: 0850 665 60 55
WhatsApp: 0539 412 12 90
Fixed Line: 0212 422 03 02
or via e-mail by click here .




You need to start the return process by clicking on the orders tab from the membership account and using the "return order" button on the order detail.


  • How can I do the return / exchange process?

Return/exchange steps:


  • During the return or exchange phase, you must log in to your membership account, click on the orders tab within 3 days, and start the return process by using the "return order" button on the order detail.
  • Put the products which need to be returned or exchanged in the package with the invoice together.
  • Send your shipment to the address below free of charge within 14 days, including the day you receive it with MNG Cargo or Yurtiçi Cargo.

Our Return Code is: 515 251 948. Our address: "Cihangir Mahallesi, Petrol Ofisi Caddesi, No: 17/L Avcılar / Istanbul".
IT IS MANDATORY TO SEND RETURNS WITH MNG or Yurtiçi Cargo. You can make your return easily and free of charge by using our Return Code: 510 572 221.

Information: After sending your return, you may be asked for your courier code if necessary. Keep your shipping code to avoid problems.

  • What is our return policy?


Return request is created from your membership account within 3 days after the product reaches you.

The return period is 14 days from the date you receive it.

It is obligatory to send your products free of charge with MNG or Yurtiçi Cargo.

Returns of medical products, disposable products and products that deteriorate rapidly or are likely to expire are not accepted.

When returning silicone products, compression stockings, medical products and products that come into contact with the human body;

Unopened packaging, Not tried, Undamaged.

They can be returned if they have not been used.

If products reach us used, worn or washed, we may have to send them back to you. In this case, no refund will be made.


  • Will I pay the shipping costs on the return?

You should only send your returns with MNG or Yurtiçi Cargo.

Shipping costs in the return process belong to the seller.




When will I be refunded for the product, I returned/canceled?


The returned product process is as follows:


After the product reaches us, its compliance with the return conditions is checked.

If the product complies with the return conditions, the return process is completed within 3-10 days.

If the product does not comply with the return conditions, it will be sent back to your address.

When your return is complete, an information message will be sent to your membership e-mail.

If you have received this message, it means that your bank has been refunded by

The time it takes for the refunded amount to reflect on your card depends on your bank. If you paid with a credit card, it usually takes a few days. For debit cards, the time for the refund to be reflected in your account is longer. pays the fees of the purchases made in installments to the bank at once. The bank returns this amount to your credit card as much as the number of installments per month. E.g; If you bought it in 3 installments, your refund will be completed in 3 months.



My 14-day return period has expired; can I return the product?


According to the Distance Sales Agreement, the return period for a product purchased from the internet or mobile is 14 days.

The 14-day period starts on the day you receive the product from the cargo.

Returns made after 14 days are reviewed by the product review team and sent back to the customer in case of user error.

 Note: In the event of disputes that may arise, The Turkish version of this agreement is governed by (click here)


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