markosin Company Has been launched in turkey – Istanbul 2019, to be a phenomenal wide shopping platform (Online) with new ways in latest fashions.

- markosin is a Registered Trademark Followed by Several other Trademarks.

- In markosin We rely on access to all segments and all customers according to their Different Tastes in Fashion Styles, that is why we have Provided a Wide Range of Options that are Characterized by high quality and exclusive designs with the reasonable prices.

- The Platform of markosin  provide Easy and smooth shopping experience Including Multiple options for payment, shipping and delivery It also provides mobile applications with the same features.

- We also strive to reach the largest number of audiences Through social media Locally and Internationally, and Helped in the Circulation of the Site and its Popularity on Social Media Sites from Turkish and Different Foreign Nationalities and their Choice of Clothes on markosin  Platform and Transfer their Experience to their Followers on their Social media accounts.

markosin  Platform its Built According to international standards of e-shopping concepts, implemented with the latest technology and a staff with extensive experience in the clothing industry, and a Team of Couture and Fashion expertise. 

- Our Technical Team Supports Languages: Turkish TR- English EN- Arabic AR - Russian RU, and they can communicate in some other languages.

- A special service is provided to our customers from the moment they enter the Platform, and do their shopping and choosing magnificent stylish items,with a special preparing of the order and shipped to their door step in a distinctive way and to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with his purchases.

- Our Aim to make markosin  the first address in safe shopping of the e-commerce sector, and win the customer's trust and give the shopping field (Online), a character of credibility and security.

- The team strives to achieve all company goals in providing the best services to the customer in order to be a family member of markosin


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