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Markosin Women's Pearl Detailed Dress 14135 Light coffee
28.07 $
Kadın Bol Kesim Fermuarlı Ferace FE17850 Navy blue
33.45 $
Markosin Women's Floral Pattern Long Dress 85010 Black
42.30 $
Markosin Women's Leaf Patterned Guipure Detailed Dress 66020 Black
30.76 $
Kadın Kolları Biyeli Ferace 4027 İndigo
41.53 $
Kadın Pileli Desenli Tunik 85030 Pink
23.07 $
Markosin Women's Floral Patterned Digital Dress 23281 Claret Red
33.07 $
Markosin Women's Leaf Patterned Satin Dress 66030 Brown
30.76 $
Markosin Women's Stone Embroidered Crepe Dress 8914 Stone
36.92 $
Kadın Pileli Desenli Tunik 85030 İndigo
23.07 $
Kadın Taş İşlemeli Ferace 55030 Black
46.15 $
Markosin Women's Belted Abaya with Sequin Details on Sleeves FE17750 Black
33.45 $
Women's Poncho with Zipper M2002 Brown
23.07 $
Markosin Women's Tasseled Sleeves Evening Dress 20931 Black
36.53 $
Markosin Women's Crepe 2pcs Set With Zebra Arm 7038 Black
39.22 $
Markosin Women's Floral Patterned Chiffon Dress With Belt 13122 Black
24.99 $
Kadın Bol Kesim Fermuarlı Ferace FE17850 Black
33.45 $
Markosin Women's Floral Pattern Long Dress 85010 White
42.30 $
Markosin Women's Stripe Patterned Tulle Dress10322 Mint
28.07 $
Kadın Kolları Biyeli Ferace 4042 Black
41.53 $
Markosin Women's Floral Pattern Long Dress 85010 Mint
42.30 $
Markosin Women's Floral Patterned Digital Dress 23281 Blue
33.07 $
Markosin Women's Double Breasted Collar Belted Satin Dress 66040 Black
30.76 $
Markosin Women's Stone Embroidered Crepe Dress 8914 Claret Red
36.92 $

Modest Clothes:

Modest Models Markosin

Tunic models, which can be combined and matching according to the type of fabric to be preferred according to seasons, are indispensable for stylish and prestigious women.
These models, which can be worn alone or with skinny jeans or leggingsTrousers or Long skirts.

It promises comfort along with elegance as it offers comfortable and freely movement in different places for different events and activities.
Markosin has provided many different models and distinctive additions to its Tunics assortment, as a beautiful belt you can wear on your waist, and you can show your waist thin and reflect your style.

Which will increase the beauty of the harmonious body or shape of your body, and sure thing will be one of the reasons which will increase your confidence and complete satisfaction with the outfit you are wearing.

You can camouflage the imperfect areas by choosing a model according to your body proportion.
  Since tunics that are longer at the back compared to the front will cover the hip area, which most of women prefer their body back straight cover like dresses, and it is the most voted rules for modest styles in modest fashion.

When ladies who like sporty elegance; they go for skinny trousers or yoga tight pants and complete them with light-colored sneakers or shoes.
It has been testified and its can be achieve elegance as well as comfort.
For the spring seasons, you can get a classic look by choosing a model with long sleeves and a relatively thicker fabric, with a thin belt on your waist and a stiletto or ballet shoes on your feet.

Tunic models, which are frequently used pieces for women with hijab dressing style, can be combined with narrow-leg or wide-leg trousers and long skirts fitted or wide one.

These models, which have a very wide usage area in Turkey and almost all Middle East countries and Malesia and Indonesia and some other countries, can be combined with sports accessories.
 Or, by enriching it with jewelry products, 
Markosin Modest collection focused on the business environment for women and what they needed in such type of daily life;
and they have come with a wonderful styles the would be a suitable for work and  a suitable for a lunch with friends during a lunch or dinner.

With a simple tunic and opaque socks that you will combine with a crop model jacket in the autumn season, you will have an opportunity to wear appropriately for the season and display a fashionable look.

New Modest Models

Modest models on Markosin site are very diverse and unique and special.
Among these models, we assure you will choose the product you want immediately and buy it;
And you don’t need to get a fashion specialist suggestion, because in our stores and tailoring agencies we do have a specialist in fashion already with a big experience in tailoring and fashion designing field. 

For example, by purchasing the Stripe Detailed Women's Tunic 18510 Black, which attracts attention with its stylish appearance, you can add elegancy to your elegance and make your style speaks of your beauty.

With the difference quantity from flexible structure on sizes that Markosin provided of their products; You can easily find your beloved size which complete your comfortable and satisfaction feelings, which also will make you not to get tired or bothering yourself  searching a lot during shopping. 

We recommend you that to wash according to the washing instructions on the inner label of the product.

Modest Prices

Throw out the thinking of getting more by paying more from your mind.
You can think about your wallet as the costs of daily accommodates are increasing rapidly. 

Wherever you move, you need to spend more many than the past.
Though you are paying a lot, the quality of products isn’t ensured.
That’s why you are willing to pay more.

When you are approaching Markosin platform, you will see the opposite scene.
tunics are really stylish, and the prices are less than other clothes, in other stores and shopping platforms.
The quality of clothes are always ensured with Markosin and sure thing will satisfy you.
The products on our site generally have an affordable price structure.

  It is useful to do detailed research before purchasing the products.

Markosin mission factor is honesty and quality which will lead to durability, and then the possibility of long-lasting use.
And This is our main goal which will make our customers and visitors to do shopping again from Markosin

They do offer discounts and cash prizes buying trendy clothing from them.
Payment term is quite easier as you can pay them after getting the product in your area.

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